sattva climbing a place for the soul and inspiration for the journey


Sattva Climbing chalk is made of 100% pure magnesium carbonate. It provides outstanding absorption in its simplest form allowing you to focus on your passion.


Our apparel embodies our story mixed with the passion of your journey. Check back often as we continually expand with new styles & designs.


we’re on the hunt for some killer shots!

Climbing is so much more than just a sport or about sending that hard project. As most climbers know, it’s a way of life. The journey begins with the commitment to push one’s self mentally and physically. Embracing the full aspect of what climbing has to offer is more than one could ever ask for; friendships like no other, community, self-growth, travel, along with the opportunity to embrace complete freedom, even for a split second.


We believe that we can all help to reduce environmental footprints by being responsible climbers and cultivating a community of caring and respect for all our climbing areas.


Sattva Climbing is dedicated to the preserving and minimizing our impact on the environment. Therefore, a percentage of all sales will be donated to the ACC Environmental Fund and Climb & Conquer Society Canada.


Competition climbing is the foundation of mental and physical growth. We firmly believe in supporting the sport as it continues to grow and move into new realms.