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Supporting the climbing community is a high priority on our list. We believe that this provides the mental and physical aspects, unlike anything else. An essential foundation for the beginner, or a veteran of the sport who is expanding on current experience, both climbers are exposed to an atmosphere of growth, positivity, friendship, and a burning desire to push and perform to their maximum ability. As in other sports where one is given an award for participation, climbing pushes those modern philosophies to the side. One can measure in real-time ability without judgment; in turn, one can focus and embrace their climbing achievements, whether placing first or last in a competition or sending a project. There is a dividing line on how one can improve and build upon each experience; strength, technique, flexibility, power, endurance, or any other many variables that might need improvement.

At the end of the day, climbing itself is a measure of your ability, both mentally and physically, but finding positivity, inspiration, and encouragement regardless of the outcome is something to always keep in mind.